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Restore, Protect and Keep Metal Looking Its Best
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Protect Bronze Sculptures from Corrosion, Tarnish & Oxidation.

How to Maintain Bronze Sculptures.

Bronze Sculpture of Lion coated with Everbrite

The world's largest standing bronze lion was created by Jon D. Hair, world renowned sculptor and is protected with Everbrite Protective Coating. Rex was cast near Sacramento, CA at Frostad Atelier Foundry and is residing at Queens University in Charlotte, NC. You can see more information at

Mr. Jon Hair is a world renowned sculptor who was named Official Sculptor of the US Olympic Team and an Official Sculptor of the Beijing Olympics. Jon Hair has over 30 major public art commissions including "Olympic Strength" - a 35 foot tall monument which has become the icon for the US. Olympic Training Center in Colorado. Jon's massive bronze at Purdue University entitled "The Boilermaker" rises 26 feet as the crowning jewel of the Ross-Abe Stadium. Other public art commissions include the US Air Force Academy and the Academy for Television Art and Sciences for the Emmy's Hall of Fame.

Jon chooses to use Everbrite Protective Coating to protect his bronze sculptures because it is easier and less expensive to maintain than other coating systems such as Incralac®.

  • If graffiti happens to get on a sculpture coated with Incralac® or other cross linked coatings, the area must be sand blasted, re-patinized and then recoated. With Everbrite, the graffiti can be wiped off with a solvent like xylene and the coating can be reapplied. Everbrite is self-annealing and will blend to itself so the repairs will not be noticeable.
  • Incralac® will start to peel after about 7 years and the coating must be blasted off with sand or other abrasives, the bronze must be re-patinized and the coating reapplied. This involves a lot of expense to take down the sculpture and send it back to the foundry for the work to be completed. Everbrite can be wiped down with a solvent and reapplied in the field. No expensive processes.
  • Everbrite is available in a Satin finish so the bronze does not need wax to dull down the shine.

Everbrite being sprayed onto a Bronze Lion

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Close up of Lions Head to Show Patina coated with Everbrite.

Archie St. Clair is the sculptor of this bronze sculpture of the founder of Fort Worth TX, Major Ripley Arnold, he built the fort in 1896. The sculpture is protected with Everbrite. Check out more of Archie's work here

Everbrite Protective Coating will also protect bronze placques, bronze doors, bronze markers, bronze fittings, bronze portholes and more.

Bronze Sculpture protected with Everbrite

Bronze Sculpture protected with Everbrite

Everbrite Coatings will seal and protect metal from tarnish, oxidation, corrosion, salt air and other damaging elements. Everbrite Coatings are not lacquer or a thick plastic coating which can detract from the beauty of the metal. Everbrite is available in a natural finish and satin and matte finishes as well.

Looking for Stainless Steel Sculptures, Copper Sculptures, Brass Sculptures or other Sculptures? Visit our Sculpture page.

What is needed to protect Bronze Statues?

Everbrite Coating

Everbrite will stop tarnish on copper
Choose various sizes of Everbrite to protect most coppers including roofs, gutters, lights and more.

ProtectaClear Coating

Choose various sizes of ProtectaClear to protect copper that gets a lot of use like sinks, counters, jewelry and more.

Not Sure?

Which Coating do I need? Easy to follow Chart will help you decide.

What is needed to protect Bronze Statues?

Everbrite Coating Only Choose Everbrite for architectural bronze, bronze sculptures with or without patina.

Everbrite Coating will seal and protect bronze and other metal from tarnish and oxidation.

Choose from various sizes of Everbrite Coating.

Choose various sizes of ProtectaClear.

Choose various sizes of ProtectaClear to protect highly polished or mirror polished bronze or bronze that gets a lot of use like sinks, jewelry, countertops, stainless steel or mirror polished metals.

Choose various sizes of ProtectaClear.

What our customers saying...

"The Everbrite worked fantastic. We have our first two wind sculptures at a small gallery in out town and they look beautiful. I was amazed how Everbrite made the colors pop.Thanks!"
Janelle Sundberg

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